Lyndsay Moody

Client Care Director | Sales Representative

A high-performance team is composed of myriad parts, each bearing a specific set of responsibilities. Lyndsay Moody is the microprocessor of the Andy Taylor & Jodi Allen team, staying one step ahead and tirelessly working to ensure everyone is synchronized and knows what is needed from them to bring each real estate transaction to closing smoothly. Lyndsay appreciates that a fluid transaction removes a lot of client stress, which leaves them free to focus on what’s truly important — their home. 

“Lyndsay is the glue that binds us,” says Andy. “She is relentless in chasing every detail, making sure all parties on both sides of the transaction are on the same page. She calmly gets us to the closing table on time, every time.”

As both Client Care Director and Sales Representative, Lyndsay’s value to her team extends far beyond transaction preparedness. She is the main point of contact for clients, administrates the office, and manages marketing for the team and all of its listings.

Lyndsay attended London’s Fanshawe College and graduated from its Travel and Hospitality Program, the knowledge from which has translated perfectly to her real estate career. Following the birth of her son in June of 2021, she sought a predictable schedule for her professional return. She was referred to Andy, who was seeking a detail-oriented person to manage day-to-day operations for his team. Their first meeting was kismet, and Lyndsay quickly jumped aboard.

“Andy & Jodi’s philosophy is that client service does not end at the closing table, and they needed someone to organize their staff and help the team function with maximum efficiency and effectiveness,” Lyndsay says. “It was a perfect fit.”

Born and raised in The Beaches on the city’s east side, Lyndsay has always appreciated her “small town within the big city.” She and her husband, Fred, whom she has known since they were 14, place family paramount in their lives. Free time is always spent with their son, ideally at Fred’s family cottage on Parry Sound. “It grounds us to remember the time we spent at the cottage as children, and hope one day our son’s children will too,” she says.

Lyndsay is an unabashed gourmand. While her declaration of favorite restaurant, Canoe, may be influenced by a dash of nepotism — Fred works there — she relishes any opportunity to experience new cultures through their food. Their other go-to is Rol San in Kensington Market: “We won’t get dim sum anywhere else.”

Lyndsay and Fred are also travel hounds, having backpacked through Southeast Asia and spent a year exploring Australia while living in a camper van. The love of travel fits hand-in-hand with their desire to experience new cultures and foods. 

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