Jodi Allen

Senior Vice President Sales Representative

Jodi Allen has found the sweet spot. That place we all seek in our careers, where passion and business intersect. It is from this place that a professional can truly excel on behalf of their clients, finding personal gratification by bringing value and joy to their lives.

Jodi awakens each day with the same theme, whether in her business life or personal: “relationships.” Every interaction on the street and every showing or listing appointment is a new friendship waiting to bloom. She prides herself on clients becoming friends, and maintaining those robust relationships long after the transaction is complete. “Closing day” is not a finish line, but merely a time stamp on a lifelong friendship.

Being raised in Toronto by a mother who worked in real estate, and watching her elder sister follow a similar path, Jodi saw firsthand the satisfaction that comes from helping buyers acquire the homes of their dreams. She pursued a different path initially, focusing her education on the business side of fashion and design before enjoying a 16-year career in the restaurant industry. Having built a strong set of skills and experience, as well as the ability to connect with people from all backgrounds and cultures, she ultimately found her way into real estate in 2004.

Peers frequently say she is as much a therapist to her clients as an agent — a term Jodi heartily embraces — as she guides them through both the financial as well as the emotional side of the purchase or sale of a home. She has built a reputation for including clients in every decision while working diligently behind the scenes to ensure the transaction progresses smoothly, which allows them to enjoy the process in a low-stress environment.

Jodi strives to work agreeably with agents on both sides of every transaction: “The best deals happen when both agents are calm and collected, always keeping client needs at the forefront of mind.”

Toronto is a city with myriad eclectic neighbourhoods, each bearing a distinct personality. Jodi knows these neighbourhoods intimately and understands their unique appeal to incoming residents. She recognizes Toronto’s growing stature as a leading international city and the allure of its multi-cultural lifestyle.

Weekends, when not showing property or taking on a new listing, Jodi can often be found hiking at the pristine Evergreen Brickworks Trail, cheering at a local sporting event, or enjoying some relaxed downtown dining. Her loyal fur baby Rafa is at her side whenever possible, enchanting everyone he meets. Equally at home at the beach or on the ski slopes, Jodi is relentlessly active. Her favourite getaway remains the family cottage at Bayfield, where epic sunsets have been a constant throughout her life. Recently, she has taken up golf and is enjoying the perpetual challenge to improve her performance on the links.

She tries to taste every flavour of Toronto and encourages her clients to do the same.

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