Haya Kennedy

Sales Representative

Haya Kennedy was raised in a household that cherished real estate in its deepest form. It was not the family business, but it was unquestionably the passion. Her father understood that real estate, properly researched and handled respectfully, provided more than merely shelter — it provided a store of value, a source of regular income through rental properties, steadily expanding equity, and even the opportunity to make property improvements that can lead to quick flip profit.

Haya was paying attention to every move her father made. The lessons took root and blossomed into her own ardor for the industry and all of its nuances. Combining that love and lifelong exposure to real estate with her keen eye for detail, determination, drive, and fervor for curating the perfect experience for every client, Haya has burst onto the scene with a palpable vibrancy. 

The first time Jodi & Andy met Haya was more of a collision than a meeting — Haya had been seeking an experienced team of real estate professionals that specialized in luxury homes, while Jodi & Andy were aiming to bring aboard a complementary player who could expand the already dynamic team. The strength of the fit was immediately apparent to them all.

“Jodi & Andy care about relationships more than anything else,” Haya says. “It’s not about making a dollar; they want to be certain that each client is 100% satisfied and that the relationship continues forever, long after the transaction is complete.”

“Haya is exceedingly intelligent, and she has this innate situational awareness with clients of when to listen and when to lead,” says Jodi proudly. “Mistakes are made when you don’t ask the right questions. She always asks the right questions at the perfect time.”

Haya considers herself an advisor, not a sales agent. “For my clients, the process is so much more than just buying a property. There are so many factors. This is about family and lifestyle, but also the investment. I want to guide them toward the perfect product,” she says.

Raised here since the age of two, Haya squeezes every morsel of culture out of downtown Toronto. An avid traveler, reader, and self-proclaimed weightlifting addict, Haya is drawn to local and family businesses that directly support the community.

She is also a relentless proponent of Toronto’s welcoming and diverse personality. “It’s so versatile. You can be whoever you want to be. You can grow here.”

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