Frances Peter

Frances Peter began her real estate career in 2005, working closely with one of the top agents in Palm Beach and the national arena. Today, Frances partners with her husband, Todd, and together they are among the top luxury real estate agents in Palm Beach and the nation. They represent numerous premier luxury listings and have an impeccable track record of success across countless high-end sales and rental transactions including 1473 North Ocean Boulevard, offered at $49.5M; Celine Dion’s 215 South Beach Road, offered at $38.5M; and 1255 North Ocean Boulevard, offered at $15.75M.

As a lifelong resident of Palm Beach, Frances has a thorough understanding of this unique market and all it has to offer. With a background in art history, she has a keen eye for architecture and interior design and delights in curating properties for new and existing clients to match their real estate needs.

Frances and Todd’s ability to excel in an ever-changing market, while remaining steadfastly committed to their clients has elevated them among their peers. They possess the highest respect for the discretion and integrity required by luxury real estate sales. Through a combination of hard work, talent, and professionalism, Frances and Todd have developed a brand that instills confidence and trust.

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