Alexis Taylor

Marketing Director

Alexis Taylor — Andy’s daughter — recently joined the team to handle social media, e-marketing, website creation and maintenance, run competitive market analyses, and assist with administration. In addition to her multi-faceted support, Alexis brings a youthful perspective to this experienced group, surprising peers with unique insights.

“Alexis asks exceptionally shrewd and illuminating questions for her age (19),” says Andy. “We have tried to teach our children that there are never too many good questions, but until we began working together, I hadn’t realized the depth to which she had taken that advice to heart.”

Older sister to twin brothers Quinlan and Devon, Alexis is the first to delve into the working world and is proving a quick study. “There’s much more behind-the-scenes work to real estate than I imagined,” she says. “I’ve also realized what a great problem solver my father is. I can see that his mind is always working to find the best solutions for our clients.”

Her biggest takeaway from growing up in a real estate family? “It’s never a 9-to-5 job. Whenever clients are in need, you must be available. The phone can ring at any time.”

Alexis is an avid equestrian jumper, which has taught her the value of focus. “If you aren’t concentrating on the obstacle in front of you, you’re going to miss something. Whether it’s work or jumping, you’ve got to keep your mind fully engaged,” she says.  

Her free time is also frequently spent hiking with her dog Josie or paddleboarding along Wasaga Beach.

While Alexis has yet to decide on a career path, she is enjoying this professional exposure and the opportunity to work closely with her father.

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